Directors message..

Counseling is dynamic, ever-evolving and exciting profession that deals with human catastrophe and possibility in an intensive, personal and caring way. It is a profession dedicated to prevention, development, exploration, empowerment, change and remediation in an increasingly complex and chaotic world.

Jyothidarsana counseling center is your counseling center, a place where you can get assistance tailored to your needs and help that will move you towards greater satisfaction and fulfillment as a human being. The counselors work with clients having difficulties in their lives every day, and genuinely want to help to start feeling better. They don’t just work with people who have a mental illness, either; they also work with people who are stressed or having relationship difficulties or who are having a tough time at this moment but don’t necessarily have a mental health condition.

Often people feel really hesitant about seeking support, and about talking to a psychologist about what is going on for them and how they’re feeling or coping. It can feel really confronting to say to someone you might not know particularly well that you’re having a tough time.

Counseling is not just talking about feelings. Mental health professionals can help to understand symptoms, and show you that you’re not “going crazy” and that there is a way forward. They also can help to teach you new skills to help improve and protect your mental health. These are skills that we don’t tend to learn anywhere else in our daily lives, and can help you to deal with negative thoughts and feelings, and bring you out of dark places.

The philosophy of counseling at Jyothidarsana is based on the recognition of the dignity and worth of each person coming to us. We view counseling as a team effort which consists of counselors, relatives, teachers, parents and students. Being dedicated to taking the challenges of psychological and mental problems of today’s world, we are focused at addressing the needs of our clients and tries to find out best solutions.

I therefore, seek continued patronage of our valued customers and thank our well-wishers who have contributed to the growth of the institution.

                                                            Fr. John Thalachira, CMI