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"No one can make you inferior without your consent.."

Taking inspiration from St. Chavara’s life and mission, Jyothidarsana tries to provide compassionate and comprehensive mental health services to individuals, family, couples, alcoholics and children, who are psychologically and emotionally challenged.

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Personal Counseling
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Counseling Course
TEsts, Assignments
Career Guidance
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Mental health has become a big challenge for us today. The emergence of nuclear families, the influence of western culture, increasing economic affluence and change in value systems  are the major reasons for the rise in mental disorders, divorce and alcoholism persisting in our society. In this scenario, Jyothidarsana taking bold steps to address these problems with definite plans.

Jyothidarsana is committed to and passionate about helping our clients to reach their highest potential emotionally, intellectually, occupationally, socially and spiritually. The center also provides a safe and serene environment conducive to growth, change and healing.   

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Counseling Services

  • Students Counseling

  • Personal counseling

  • family counseling

  • Child & Teenager’s counseling

  • Alcoholic counseling

University Approved Counseling Courses


  • School Counseling Certificate Course

  • Advance Tharpy Course


  • Relaxation Therapy

  • Dance Movement Therapy

Tests & Assesments


  • Learning Disability Assessment & Remediation

  • IQ Test 

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